Jusuru Review-Just Another Magic Juice MLM Company?

Published: 10th March 2010
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Does Jusuru's magic juice really stand on it's own?

The Jusuru opportunity is spreading quickly. They seem to be popping up everywhere lately, and for good reason. They are getting good publicity all while trying to seperate themselves from the masses, by focusing on their intial growth spurt.A growing start-up has its benefits, but only long term results can be used for solid proof that a company's here to stay.

Jusuru launched in February 2010, and in this little time is expanding rapidly, adding to their current infrastructure by adding new business packages and bonuses. This company is a nutraceutical company that has a multi-patented Bio Cell Collagen II. Their juice promotes healthy joints, skin, and an overall healthier lifestyle. The Nutritional industry is projected to be a trillion dollar industry thanks to the baby boomers. And what better wat to reach people, than through word of mouth. And this is where you need to pause and ask yourself, "Can this product stand on its own? and, "Can this product be compared to things I find at XYZ vitamin store.?"

And this is why...

1. You need an exceptionally unique product and company.

2. Your number one objection, will be time and time again...Why is it so expensive and isn't that like the juice at XYZ Super Store?

Now for the main event, how can you make tons of money with Jusuru? It's compensation plan is called a unilevel model offering 9 different ways of earning income. It's important to keep in mind that some pay plans are better than others, but you have to be careful to always look at the whole picture to determine whether or not a company is right for you. It comes down to this...Does the pay plan reward you for being a leader. And to be a leader in the MLM industry simply means...

Can you get others to sell lots and lots of Jusuru juice and maximize the power of duplication?

Jusuru offers a business starter kit for roughly $39.99, that will include training and your duplicated website. The company uses traditional MLM strategies and will emphasize building your list, recruiting/selling to your warm market, and expanding locally. Even though I'm an effective online network marketer I still strongly encourage traditional business building fundementals. Every successful network marketing organization is built on the foundation of several proven fundamentals. I highly encourage everyone that's serious about building a multiple streams of residual income to combine both online and offline methods to create massive momentum and lasting success.

If Jusuru is the vehicle you choose to utilize I'd encourage you to learn to market effectively to your target market. Create your own unique selling proposition, and position yourself as a leader.

My last piece of advice in this Jusuru Review is to learn how to market...PERIOD. Learn about sales funnels, educate yourself, and be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day! Learn everything you can about Network Marketing Systems that can put you into profit quickly! The number one problem facing Network Marketers is a lack of leads....Learn how to generate an endless supply of leads, that won't break your bank and you can join any reputable company in this industry and be at the top of it's pay plan...PERIOD! Learn and apply these necessary skills and you can achieve your hearts desire. My hope is for you to succeed in all your endeavors and I congratulate you choosing the road less traveled by.

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